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Why You Shouldn't Be On the Fence

Drew Pennington On Why You Shouldn't Be On the Fence: "The OnusOne system has become the closest to our value system of anything that we do."

Brian McQuilkin On Why You Don't Need To Be On the Fence: "OnusOne helped us align and allowed the clinicians to maximize their opportunities."

Mike Stodden On Why You Don't Need To Be On the Fence: "Normal expectations are set, and if the employee makes that expectation then they get paid for that."

Katie Hohman On Being On the Fence?: "The biggest fear someone may have is staff buy in, but this can be overcome with proper due diligence."

Ron Cram On If You Are On the Fence: "We have to be able to succeed and be profitable, and OnusOne guarantees that that's going to happen."

Rob Worth On Are You On the Fence: "You are able to use OnusOne for a period of time to determine if it's right for you, you are never locked in to a long term contract."

Patrick Kinzeler On If Others Are On the Fence: "If you set the models up properly and do the due diligence the economics and math works."

Growth Through OnusOne

Drew Pennington On Growth Through OnusOne: "My number 1 revenue producing therapist is likely to make about $150,000, and it's less than 35% of revenue going to his payroll. I'm winning, and he's winning".

Brian McQuilkin On How They Grew With OnusOne: "We get to put a lot more of our time into teach our staff how to market, build relationships, and network."

Ron Cram On Growth In Our Company While Using OnusOne: "When we started OnusOne we saw our revenue increase by 27% the first year."

Patrick Kinzeler On What the Future Looks Like With OnusOne: "OnusOne is a very good segue for this entire industry to go from here into the next couple generations."

Patrick Kinzeler On Adoption & Growth With OnusOne: "Quarter by quarter we've seen our margins continue to go up."

Why OnusOne Is A Game Changer

Drew Pennington On How OnusOne Has Been A Game Changer: "I've been incredibly encouraged by the recruitment of the types of folks that our entrepreneurial, and all want to move into leadership roles."

Brian McQuilkin On How OnusOne Was A Game Changer: "OnusOne gave us the opportunity to align both clinicians and leadership to create a better impact in the community."

Ron Cram On How OnusOne Continues to Change Us For the Better: "Our employees are committed to OnusOne, they understand it, and wouldn't do it any other way."

Ron Cram On How OnusOne Got Us Through The Pandemic: "Not one of our people had to be let go through the pandemic."

Rob Worth On How OnusOne is a Game Changer: "Roughly 90% of our therapists are making more than they were before using OnusOne."

Behavorial Changes With OnusOne

Mike Stodden On Behavorial Changes With OnusOne: "Employees now have a new sense of ownership of their schedule."

Ron Cram On Behavioral Changes That Happen: "People's behavior started changing, increasing volumes, increasing hours, and we started seeing the benefits."

Ron Cram On How OnusOne Changed My Clinic: "As soon as I saw the OnusOne model I said, "This has to be what we do."

Rob Worth On Behavioral Changes That Come With OnusOne: "We have therapist who are acting like owners and treating their patients and practice like its their practice."

Freedom Through OnusOne

Brian McQuilkin On How There Is No More Micro Management: "We really get to make an impact on peoples lives in giving them their dream practice because micro management is no longer an issue."

Mike Stodden On How There Is No More Micro Management: "Right away, when I saw OnusOne changing the mindset of my employees I no longer had to micro manage."

Katie Hohman On Owner Freedom With OnusOne: "I'm now able to go home and pick my kids up from school instead of having to worry about my employee's."

Katie Hohman On Employee Freedom: "Therapist now have accountability for themselves within the company."

Jason Lobb On The Freedom Through OnusOne: "Directors are now free to spend more time teaching a therapist how to be a stronger leader and professional."

Customization In OnusOne

Katie Hohman On Customization in OnusOne: "There is no one size fits all, and it was great to be able to customize it."

Jason Lobb On Customization Within OnusOne: "OnusOne stepped up and created features in the system that didn't exist before in order to meet our specific needs."

Ron Cram On Personal Customization: "OnusOne spent a lot of time with us figuring out what works for our setting, and then we started delving into the process of becoming a client."

Here's what we are hearing from practice owners

OnusOne has been a blessing to our company. Our therapists are working together better to help with covering patients during vacations and extending when needed. Thanks OnusOne!

Brian, VP/Owner


Thanks to the OnusOne shared risk portfolios we implemented throughout our company 3 years ago, our employees are exponentially developing in the execution of every aspect of their profession.

Esther, Owner/Partner


Thanks to OnusOne, our company has grown 100% in a 3 year period including adding 3 more locations!

Frank, CEO/President


As an owner, I even experienced an unexpected psychological benefit. Knowing that they benefit from it financially just as the business does is a weird sense of calm/ fairness/justice.

Jeff, Owner/Practice Manager


The last six months since we introduced Onus One we are 53% higher in revenues than the previous 6 months. Thanks OnusOne!

Ron, CEO


Employees also love OnusOne. Here is what they say

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for offering the ONUSONE plan. You listened to us and rolled out a new program!

Anonymous, Staff PT


Thank you so much for walking me through the performance upload, and payroll export process! I don't even know what to do with all of my free time!

Emily, Director of Finance

There really is not a better option when it comes to earning potential and working in an environment that is controlled by you. They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but Onus One’s pay for performance plan actually makes this possible.

Natalia, Executive Director


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