Benefits of OnusOne

Agile Compensation

The system is NOT a bonus structure.  It is not a method of simply rewarding high performers. It is a proven method of running a variety of compensation models that allow employees to be in full control of their success at no financial upfront cost to them.

Employee Mentality

Employees view their schedules and hours worked from an ownership mentality. They will be much more likely to flex their schedules to accommodate customers.

Time Off

Time off program manages itself. No more asking employees to cover for each other or hiring expensive contractors.

Total Employee Compensation

Total employee compensation automatically adjusts itself so that you can always afford your payroll costs. 


No need for employees to "ask" for a raise. They are free to give themselves a raise any time they choose.

Higher/Lower Performers

Under the OnusOne system, compensation for lower and higher performers is self-regulating. The program automatically adjusts the quantity of the reward based on individual objective results.


Myth: This type of a system will result in employees behaving selfishly and not becoming team players. 


Fact: Under this system, employees are more likely to work together and cover for each other, due to immediate compensation for doing so.


Protected profitability during holidays.  Typically in most industries salary cost remains the same during a holiday week, but production dramatically slows. This often self-corrects with OnusOne.


Recruitment:  If pay structures are properly built and calibrated to local market dynamics, those enrolled in OnusOne will out-earn their peers in other companies. This becomes a recruiting tool.


The data from our customers is proving that OnusOne is increasing profitability across the board. 


Average revenue per unit of production tends to go up. Your staff is likely to become much more open to profit maximization coaching.

By the Numbers

These numbers are over the course of one calendar year.

Avg increase in new customer business

Avg increase in net revenue per customer

Customer arrival rate


Avg increase in new customer business


Avg increase in net revenue per customer


Customer arrival rate

Here's what we are hearing from our customers

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for offering the ONUSONE plan. You listened to us and rolled out a new program!

Anonymous, Staff PT


Thanks to the OnusOne shared risk portfolios we implemented throughout our company 3 years ago, our employees are exponentially developing in the execution of every aspect of their profession.

Esther, Owner/Partner


There really is not a better option when it comes to earning potential and working in an environment that is controlled by you. They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but Onus One’s pay for performance plan actually makes this possible.

Natalia, Executive Director


OnusOne is available nationwide.

From coast to coast OnusOne is empowering growth, one employee at a time.

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