OnusOne Implementation

1. Complete Employee Roster Set-up
2. Profile Checklist/ Plan Review
2-A Profile Checklist:
  • Via conference call, the OnusOne team works with the customer to customize your portal.
  • *Company Profile Set-up Sheet* is the tool that guides this process. Average completion time is 1-1.5 hrs.
  • To move forward with implementation, the customers credit card information will need to be entered into the system.
2-B Plan Review:
  • OnusOne Team will build Portal then review the build with the customer.
  • Follow up call will be done to make sure the build is correct. Average completion time is 1hr.
3. Upload of Historical Data
  • Customer sends appropriate data to the OnusOne team.
  • OnusOne team trains customer on how to upload historical data into portal.
4. Data Analysis/ Plan Adjustment
  • Extensive Data Analysis will be completed by OnusOne team which will compare & contrast the current compensation of employees.
  • Plans & features will be adjusted accordingly in order to assure the most ethical and profit maximizing outcome for customers.
  • Average completion time of analysis will generally take up to 48 hrs.
  • Average completion time of conference call will usually take 1 hr.
5. Implementation Strategy
  • Via conference call, OnusOne team will guide you through a strategic roll-out strategy that will cater to your company.
  • Average completion time is 1 hr.
6. Activation of Account/ Roll-Out
  • You will now be able to invite employees into the portal and use your customized portal to its full potential.
  • Continued support will always be provided by the OnusOne team.
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