PLEASE NOTE: This summary information is an example. Each instance of OnusOne is highly customized to the needs of each practice.

Most providers are already aware of changes in reimbursement across the country, and many practices are addressing the challenge in different ways. In the absence of another viable option, companies tend to respond to declining reimbursement by capping earning potential or raising productivity expectations. Mandating predetermined practice patterns significantly contributes to employee burnout. When an employee is enrolled in an OnusOne plan, they are trusted with the transparency level and decision making capability necessary to drive their own earnings. When employees truly understand the OnusOne system and the professional autonomy, transparency and choice that it provides, they will gladly enter into a collaborative relationship with their company. This relationship results in both employer and employee working together toward a common goal.
Many features of the OnusOne system can be adjusted to the unique circumstances of your practice, and vacation time is no exception. There are a variety of approaches currently being employed by practices who are utilizing OnusOne. Some companies offer additional compensation during employee time off, others limit compensation to base pay only, and some offer no compensation at all for time away from work. Your Account Executive can work with you to design programs that will enable you to define your approach to employee time off. Keep in mind that the average employee enrolled in OnusOne has a greater understanding of the impact client care has on personal earnings as a result of the transparency offered by the system. This results in employees earning an average of $10k more annually when compared to an employee who is paid a flat salary. The OnusOne system offers greater flexibility and independent control to budget for any weeks with anticipated lower earnings. In short, OnusOne offers your employees the ability to think like an owner, decide how many clients to treat, and to carefully consider the clinical and economic impact of time away from work.
Please refer to our blog on “Top 10 Tips for Implementing OnusOne in your practice”. While it is understandable that your employees may be a bit anxious about moving onto an OnusOne compensation model, the professional flexibility and customized earning potential serves as a retention tool for most. The key is clear communication throughout the entire implementation process. If you have employees who you feel are not a good fit for your company, implementing OnusOne may be the nudge they need to exit themselves. And if you do lose any employees, it is a good idea to consult with your team as to whether they would like that position replaced. They may surprise you and prefer to absorb those clients themselves!
We recommend a tiered(0-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6-9 years etc) base pay structure to account for seniority. We also recommend that you avoid adjusting the performance based portion of your pay profiles, so that more senior employees remain motivated to perform. With a higher base pay, your more experienced employees will enjoy a greater financial guarantee.
Each company currently utilizing OnusOne has found that the system is actually a recruiting tool for enhanced candidate pools. You will also very likely end up with a competitive advantage over other local competing businesses.
Most states calculate disability or insurance benefits as a % of average earned salary over a set period of time. Consult your local HR representative or labor law attorney for state specific laws. Regardless of which state you are in or which payroll category, OnusOne offers the flexibility to ensure all state law requirements are met.
Quite the opposite! Rather than setting a one size fits all productivity standard, the OnusOne system allows companies to customize their productivity expectations. Employees have the opportunity to decide how productive they would like to be, while feeling comfortable with the quality of their work. And your higher performing employees will automatically earn more than your lower performers. If your employees want to work with more clients but don’t want to crowd their schedule, we recommend allowing them to increase/adjust their hours worked.
Be sure your employees know that you would love to partner with them to achieve their goals! They will need to understand what tools and resources are available to them to help them succeed. Encourage your employees to offer to cover for coworkers if they are out of the office or too busy themselves. This will create a culture of teamwork where everyone wins!
No! If everyone on your team is contributing to strategic growth initiatives, delivering outstanding services, and a great customer experience, your organization will flourish! There will be ample opportunity to help each other, and in doing so everyone wins. Encourage your employees to be team players by offering assistance to their peers. More and more, today’s workforce is inspired by innovative business solutions which offer transparency. OnusOne harnesses that transparency via a unique business solution that encourages true teamwork and offers employees a new level of personal and professional opportunity.
The OnusOne system is designed to manage every aspect of agile compensation models for your employees who are directly providing client services at least part time. There are specific tools built into the system to create special compensation structures for these individuals. In addition, your account executive can recommend proven methods of profit/revenue sharing for your leaders that would be calculated external to the OnusOne system but can be uploaded so that any additional pay is captured in each individual employee portal.
The key is to clearly outline everything that OnusOne will ADD to their personal and professional life. Employees all across the country are enjoying greater autonomy and professional flexibility, and the opportunity to immediately increase earnings at any point. In short, the system puts the employee in the driver’s seat.
Many companies choose to offer a grace period for new employees which guarantees a full salary while allowing the employee to focus on become comfortable with your organization. This will also provide an opportunity for them to build a client base and reputation in the community. We suggest offering a shorter grace period for established professionals, and a somewhat longer period for new graduates. Your Account Executive can help you design an appropriate onboarding approach.
Each OnusOne customer is assigned an Account Executive who will partner with you to help you with each step in the implementation process. And ongoing strategic or operational support is always just a phone call or email away.
The days of guaranteed income regardless of productivity are coming to an end. Employees who want to earn more and produce less will struggle wherever they work. Employees enrolled in OnusOne thrive with the transparency and professional flexibility that the system offers, and as a result most earn an average of $10k more annually as compared to employees who earn a flat salary.
We understand that practice owners are fearful of making compensation related promises to their employees that they can not keep. OnusOne has a variety of built in safeguards to ensure that your salary cost always aligns with your income. These include built in algorithms that guide pay profile setup, automatic pay profile adjustment to account for employee health benefit cost, and total organization immediate salary recalibration based on revenue cycles.
Keep in mind that the OnusOne system can be fully customized to any situation, and your Account Executive is able to assist you. Our recommendation is that before introducing a new professional that you discuss the concept with existing staff. If they agree that a new hire is necessary, they are much more likely to support the decision. You can place the new hire on a full salary plan to give them time to build up their own client base, rather than asking existing employees to donate part of their client base. You might also consider a part to full time transitional position, or a split position where a new employee works in more than one location until a full time role can be supported in just one location. This is a good problem to have!
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