5 Myths about shared risk compensation programs.

5 Myths about shared risk compensation programs.

If you are considering implementing the OnusOne system, at your company, but you are worried about how your employees would respond to the program, be it a higher employee turnover rate, decreased morale, or even increased competition, we have good news. As a result of partnering with practice owners across the country to implement the OnusOne system, we can debunk 5 common concerns about the impact of shared risk compensation programs on the workplace environment:

Myth #1:  OnusOne will create a negative workplace environment.

If you have any employees who you feel are not a good fit for your company, implementing OnusOne may be the nudge they need to exit themselves.  For your employees who are truly on board with your organizational goals, the key is to clearly outline everything that OnusOne will ADD to their personal and professional lives. Employees all across the country are enjoying greater autonomy and professional flexibility, and the opportunity to immediately increase earnings at any point. In short, the system puts the employee in the driver’s seat, and that results in a workplace environment that is second to none!

Myth #2:  OnusOne will create a competitive environment for employees.

Employees whose compensation is tied to the OnusOne system tend to be more likely to to help each other and to work together as a team, and in doing so everyone wins. If everyone on your team is contributing to strategic growth initiatives, delivering outstanding services, and a great customer experience, your organization will flourish!

Myth #3:  OnusOne will cause employees to get the wrong impression about what matters most.

Rather than setting a one size fits all productivity standard, the OnusOne system allows companies to customize their productivity expectations. Employees have the opportunity to decide how productive they would like to be, while feeling comfortable with the quality of their work. The system will automatically protect profitability through a number of built in safeguards.

Myth #4:  OnusOne will make it difficult to recruit.

Each company currently utilizing OnusOne has found that the system is actually a recruiting tool for enhanced candidate pools, and a retention tool for most employees.  Employees appreciate the professional flexibility and ability to immediately impact their take home pay by adjusting their production levels. Most companies end up with a competitive advantage over other local competing businesses.  The key is clear communication throughout the entire implementation process. And if you do lose any employees, it is a good idea to consult with your team as to whether they would like that position replaced. They may surprise you by choosing to absorb those clients themselves!

Myth #5: OnusOne will cause my salary cost to grow to an unsustainable level.

OnusOne has a variety of built in safeguards to prevent overpayment. These include built in algorithms that guide pay profile setup, automatic pay profile adjustment to account for cost of employee health benefits, and immediate salary reductions if your business has an off week.  Our built in safeguards have been proven to ensure that your profitability is protected, and that your salary cost is always affordable relative to your revenues.

Jason Wambold

Jason is the co-founder and managing partner of OnusOne, by Pay-for-Performance Solutions LLC. OnusOne is a web based system that designs, installs, and administers shared-risk employee compensation models for fee-for-service industries. Jason has a proven track record of leadership success in the healthcare industry. He has over 20 years of experience building and strengthening clinical teams, and creating and developing effective leadership teams.

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