OnusOne from the employees perspective

OnusOne from the employees perspective
Much of our communication is it relates to the OnusOne system is geared toward the practice owner/executive.  But we all know that your employees are your greatest company asset. So how exactly do employees feel about OnusOne?  To find out, we asked a current OnusOne participant to write a blog that describes her experience thus far.

5 Reasons to Love Onus One’s Pay for Performance Structure

From a Millennial's Perspective

We as millennials have been the punchline of many bad jokes, especially when it comes to the workforce. It has been said that we don’t understand work ethic, that we are quick to pack up and leave a job, and that we have no loyalty. This is frustrating for many of us, as we don’t believe these things to be true. We very often are trying day in and day out to not fall into the dreaded millennial category. We feel that we are in a constant uphill battle in the workforce no matter what industry we are in.

Particularly in the physical therapy field, we are struggling to make ends meet. It is almost as if there was a false sense of hope when we were in physical therapy school. We were excited to get our doctoral degrees and to be called “Doctor” and feel well respected by patients and other healthcare providers. We thought that since we were getting our doctorate degrees, we would get paid very well and be able to pay off our student loans in just a few years. Once getting into the physical therapy workforce, those rose colored lenses were quickly slapped off. Our expectations were shut down with low salaries, impossible productivity requirements, and little to no mentorship. How were we going to start to pay off these inflated student loans? How were we going to see all of these patients and treat them with the skill that we went to school for so long to learn? How would we be able to continue to grow as clinicians? Better yet, how could we ever buy a house or start a family? All of these questions are what many millennials find themselves trapped in. Earning a salary that is well deserved to the hard work we put in each day and having the flexibility to create some semblance of a work/life balance. There has to be a better way. Enter the Onus One’s pay for performance structure. This may just be the thing that breaks you free of the “millennial stereotype” in the workforce and allows you to truly shine both personally and professionally. Here are five reasons to love a pay for performance structure.

  1. Schedule Flexibility: Onus One allows you to create your own schedule within the parameters of your clinic/company. You are getting paid based on volume of patients and revenue generated, so you can structure your day based on what works best for you. For example, some people like to work a standard 8 hour day. Others would prefer a few longer days and a few shorter days to balance out the week.Onus One allows for this flexibility because you are in charge of your schedule. You also are in charge of when you schedule your patients. This avoids having patients come in at the same time that may need a bit more of your attention. You know your own tolerance and you know your patients best. So you are in charge of how your day goes. No more frustration over not feeling you are in control of your day.
  2. Maximize your Earning Potential: This is the number one perk in my opinion about Onus One. You are in control of your own earning potential. You have the potential to earn a significant salary, greater than any other salary job you could find in the industry. This allows you to reach your financial goals at a much faster rate than being on a flat salary. When taking a position with a flat salary, you are likely starting at a much lower rate than what you deserve for the work you will put in. This allows the employer room for raises each year. However that is limited each year, and also creates a culture and environment that “everyone gets a raise”. When you may be working much harder than the person next to you while exceeding productivity standards, getting your patients better, and building relationships with patients and other providers. You deserve to be paid for the work that you do, and deserve a piece of the pie. With Onus One, you will get a percentage of the revenue that you generate the company. How is that for feeling valued?
  3. Sense of Ownership: This brings me to my next point, ownership. You are not only valued as an employee but you feel your own sense of ownership. You allow your skills as a physical therapist to speak for themselves. You can build your own brand, like maybe some of your colleagues on instagram have done. However, you have the cushion and support of a company around you, which means minimal risk but maximum potential for earning. How great does it feel when you can spend adequate time with a patient, provide exceptional care, and have that patient refer you to friends and family? How great is it when you have patients calling to request to see you? This is the pinnacle of being a physical therapist. All of your hard work is paying off and people want to come to see you to help them get better. How great is it that you can do this and also get credit for it in your paycheck by growing your caseload!
  4. You have Options: This is something we want in our generation. We want options. Options to create a work/life balance, options when it comes to stability and flexibility and options to choose from. Our generation is always challenging the status quo, so we need options to make us feel safe while juggling the impossible financial environment we entered the workforce in. Luckily, Onus One offers many options with pay for performance structures. If you want to really maximize your earning potential, you can go on a more lucrative plan. If you want a bit more stability, you can go on a less risky plan. The options allow you to really figure out what is most important to you. They allow you to make the choice, because there is no one size fits all. Options are the way of the future, and we, the millennials, are pushing the envelope to differentiate ourselves in this ever changing environment.
  5. Changes with Life Stages: When we first get out of school, many people find the highest paying job or even take a travel PT job to pay off student loans and get financially stable. But what happens when we want to settle down and start a family? Do we then just take a pay cut and take a salary job where we are once again forced into impossible productivity to make money for “then man”? The answer is no, because believe it or not we are in control of this next step. Onus One allows for options and flexibility, as outlined above. This means, as your life changes, you can change your Onus One plan. Once again you have the control to earn as much as you would like, without having to take a pay cut and without having to meet someone else’s productivity standards.

There really is not a better option when it comes to earning potential and working in an environment that is controlled by you. They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but Onus One’s pay for performance plan actually makes this possible. Gone are the days of feeling like a minion and earning money for a company, but not really seeing a piece of that pie. This is the answer to many of the issues that face millennials in our current world, and they are being met with answers. Answers that allow us to break free for financial hardship, and create freedom in our lives!

Jason Wambold

Jason is the co-founder and managing partner of OnusOne, by Pay-for-Performance Solutions LLC. OnusOne is a web based system that designs, installs, and administers shared-risk employee compensation models for fee-for-service industries. Jason has a proven track record of leadership success in the healthcare industry. He has over 20 years of experience building and strengthening clinical teams, and creating and developing effective leadership teams.

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