6 Warning Signs Your Clinic Staff Will Soon Jump Ship

In today’s climate, teamwork gets talked about a lot. And rightfully so…since it’s more challenging than ever to hire good people. But it’s not always simple for busy practice owners to know good teamwork when they see it. Sometimes, the path to a great team starts by knowing what it isn’t.

How To Introduce a New Compensation Plan To Your Team Without Causing Resistance

Money and how much your team member makes in exchange for their service is a highly charged topic. When it’s time to roll out a new compensation plan to your team, if you don’t frame that conversation carefully, you’ll feel the sparks.

5 Myths about shared risk compensation programs.

If you are considering implementing the OnusOne system, at your company, but you are worried about how your employees would respond to the program, we have good news.  As a result of partnering with practice owners across the country to implement  the OnusOne system, we can debunk 5 common myths about the impact of shared risk compensation programs on the workplace environment:

OnusOne is NOT a bonus plan. Then what is it?

Company owners, partners, and executives have long attempted to incentivize higher performance by offering bonus plans to their employees. In short, if you perform at a higher level, you will be receive a financial reward.  Try googling “why bonus plans don’t work”, and you will be presented with more references than you can count, many of which affirm the notion that bonus plans simply do not work.

3 tips for handling Paid Time Off (PTO)

The OnusOne system offers many benefits to employees who are willing to sign on to a shared-risk mentality, but the concept of paid time off is often difficult to understand. The low minimum guaranteed salary model is a fundamental tenet of the OnusOne system. 

What if your employees don't have enough work?

Many employees are excited about the benefits of the OnusOne system, but are understandably nervous about how their compensation will look during slower weeks of the year.  Here are 7 tips to share with your employees to ensure their schedules and client lists remain full.

OnusOne from the employees perspective

Much of our communication is it relates to the OnusOne system is geared toward the practice owner/executive.  But we all know that your employees are your greatest company asset. So how exactly do employees feel about OnusOne?  To find out, we asked a current OnusOne participant to write a blog that describes her experience thus far.

Avoiding Payroll Problems due to Holidays and Inclement Weather

While everyone loves a short work week, company owners and managers often struggle to cover payroll due to a company wide loss of production. This is one of the many examples where the OnusOne system aligns interests of ownership along with the production workforce.

Top 10 tips for implementing OnusOne in your practice

If you have decided that it is time to introduce a shared risk compensation model at your company, but are not sure how to go about it, rest assured. We have been down this road many times. Here are our top 10 tips for implementation...

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